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For this post I wanted to share some pictures of the things Valeria and I did throughout the holidays. Unfortunately, we were unable to travel, so if you’re looking for more location variety, take a look at Michael’s Dublin post or Lina’s great post on Christmas in Colombia!

The Holiday Market:

I believe I mentioned the market before, and I know the other bloggers have shared their experiences with it. The market really is a fun and lively place to get in the holiday spirit. We went on a number of occasions, and it seemed like we always saw or ate something new.

Some pictures from our times at the market!
Some pictures from our times at the market!

Our Christmas Tree:

We also decided to get a real tree this year. We initially wanted to get a fake one, but as we waited until December 22nd to start looking, the stores were sold out and we had no other choice. Fortunately, the outdoor Bullring Market saved the day and I was able to get this stunning specimen for a mere £10. With a little love and glitter, we were able to turn it into an almost exact replica of the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York (you can compare for yourself here).

The great transformation...
The great transformation…


An Ice Skating Adventure:

After the New Year, we decided to have a go at ice skating. The rink is located outside of the Library of Birmingham and makes for a beautiful backdrop for those willing to brave the cold (and possible injuries). By some miracle, neither of us fell, and we had a great time! I would highly suggest going if you have the chance during your time in Bham.

Ice skating in Birmingham
Ice skating in Birmingham

It’s been a great winter break and holiday. The city has so much to offer during the season that it’s hard to get bored. If you are able to, however, I would suggest taking a trip to really take full advantage of your time here. Hopefully we will be able to do a bit more traveling once summer comes around!

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